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    Calling all Creatives

    Design Fury is a resource for protest and civil actions.

    After watching the barrage of hateful laws the new administration has been enacting in its first weeks we felt a need to create a site dedicated to help protests and resistance. This site is powered by creatives that are outraged by these actions and want to do their part. If you are a writer, designer, photographer or illustrator and you can spare some time we want your submissions to help in this fight. If you already have work that fits our guidelines please send it along!

    Designers and Illustrators

    Visualize protest slogans or just create cool images and iconography for protest posters and social media memes.


    Create punchy slogans, pithy anti-Trump sayings and protest chants. These will be used for printable posters, signs, stickers, street art campaigns and social media.

    Free Designs for All to Use

    Design Fury is a resource for everyone to use. It's free. click on the image of your choice to download.

    Submission Guidelines

    All designs and illustrations need to be created at 300dpi 18'x24'. CMYK color. Turn all type to outlines.​​

    Submit in editable Vector formats such as eps. AI (versions 1-5 only) or Pdf.

    Artwork should also be submitted in Twitter and Instagram sizes as well. if possible for using as meme graphics

    Instagram: 1080x1080 72dpi

    Twitter: 1024x512

    Open Source

    One of the principles behind this site is to engage and support civic actions and protest against the current administration. We want to encourage the creative community to play an active role. We're striving to have enough content that can be used and repurposed beyond the original designs. Vector files with intact layers allow creatives to take designs apart and subvert them to create something new. Evolve the original idea. This is a group effort for creatives to have a dialogue and inspire each other.

  • Featured Posters

    Download these puppies by clicking on the image. Print them up. Protest hard.

    United We Win

    Stay Woke-Together We Can Do it

    Make Amerika Great Again

    Straight Outta Office


    Fake President 2

    No More Lies

    liar liar pants on fire

    I'm a Big Boy

    The Puppet Prez

    Don't Fuck With Ours

    Look Squirrel!

    Non-Stop Scumbaggery

    Lie, Cheat. Steal

    Trumpcare-Sick Joke

    Trumpcare-Sick Joke

    Embarrassment to America


    How Do They Stand?

  • More Posters


    President Arsehole

    Wotsit (Cheeto) Hitler

    Dolt 45


    Trump Brand Oranges

    45 is a zero

    zero not a hero

    The Peepee Prez

    Golden Showers bring down Trump Towers

    what does he mean?

    Do Your Job #2


    See You in Court

    Not Normal

    Derail The Trump Train

    Do Your F'ing Jobs

    DNC Do Your Jobs


    Grifter in Chief

    Swamp Things-Scott Pruitt

    Trumpcare -Turd by Any Other Name

    Trumpcare -Snake Oil

    Trumpcare -Unhealthy for America

    Trumpcare -You Break it

    You Own it

    Trumpcare -Make America


    Nuclear Option

    Will Have


    Tiny Tiny Man

    Quit Now

  • Tweet Your Rage

    Twitter versions. Tweet and Troll your least favorite politicians.


    She Persisted

    No More Lies

    Fake President

    Make Amerika Grate


    See You In Court

    Fake president 2

    President Arsehole

    Straight Outta Office


    But Emails

    FU Wotsit Hitler

    Do Your Job

    Word Salad

    DNC-Do Your Jobs

    DNC-Do Your Jobs

    Don't Fuck with the ACA


    Quit Now

    Make Amerika Great Again


    Eat a Bag of Dicks

    Must Be Hard To Breath

  • Submissions

    Send us your cool things by clicking on the icons below


    Submit Artwork

    Design and Illustration

    All designs and illustrations need to be created at 300dpi 18'x24'.

    CMYK color. Turn all type to outlines.

    Submit in editable Vector formats

    eps. AI (versions 1-5) or Pdf.

    Artwork should also be submitted in Twitter and Instagram sizes as well.

    Instagram:1080x1080 72dpi


    Submit Copy

    Words Words Words

    We need writers to create inspirational and punchy slogans. Pithy anti-Trump sayings and catchy protest chants. Funny, angry, honest and even profane are all welcome.

    Submit Photos

    Smile You're on Design Fury camera!

    We want to create a gallery of inspiring images of protests and political actions. Submit images of you using protest signs you've printed from this site. Photos of ANY protests you've attended and any inspiring act of resistance or defiance to our current administration.

  • Resistance Resources

    It's now easier than ever before to stay informed and take up the political battle. More ways to stay informed. More ways to help. More ways to resist.


    A dashboard for tracking Russian propaganda on twitter.



    This site provides the most high-powered encryption technology to enable courageous whistleblowers to privately communicate with Michael Moore and his team. Patriotic Americans in government, law enforcement or the private sector with knowledge of the crimes, lies and general misconduct committed by Donald J. Trump and his associates are encouraged to blow the whistle in the name of protecting the United States of America from tyranny.



    Resistbot turns your text messages into daily letters to Congress— in the simplest and easiest way possible. We are working hard behind the scenes to make sure they are delivered and that your representatives take them seriously.


    Get your Reps and Senators on speed dial.

    If your senators and reps aren't saved in your phone yet, text your zip code to 520-200-2223. You'll get a text back with everyone's contact info. You will get a return text almost immediately. Keep them on speed dial! It gives you Federal and State.

    The Resistance Calendar

    All upcoming protests and resistance events in one place> Are you sponsoring or holding an event? post it here!


    Indivisible Guide

    The resistance Bible. Indespensible manual in how to resist and fight back using Tea Party tactics. They hate when you use their own strategy against them. Watch them cry like the big babies they are. Go to the site. Download and read.



    Legal eagles taking the fight to Trump every step of the way. Support them in any way you can.They are fighting the good fight against the administration.



    People Power

    People Power is, at its core, a grassroots member-mobilization project. Through People Power, the ACLU will engage volunteers across the country to take action when Trump or his administration attempt to enact unconstitutional policies or trample on people’s constitutional rights.

    People power

    The 65

    Another resistance site with tips and political actions to take against the latest issues.



    Resistance Manual

    your guide to staying up to date on the policies that are under threat and in progress with the Trump administration.


    Think Progress

    Think progress has all of the current issues and who's who in the battle.



    Think Progress resistance guide

    a Guide by Think progress with actions that can help slow down change in regulations by the Trump and the GOP. You can do all of it from the comfort of your own desk.



    Grab Your Wallet

    Hurt Trump with the only thing he cares about. His money

    Here's a list of companies that sell Trump family products. Boycott each and every one of them. It is his kryptonite.



    Stay informed. Get clear, concise summaries of bills going through Congress, see what others think, then take action. Telling your reps how you feel is easier than ever with email and now video messages. Make your democracy more responsive!



    Their mission is to turn America blue by building a movement to flip seats.


    Swing Left

    Find your closest Swing District and join its team to learn about actionable opportunities to support progressives—and defeat Republicans—in that district, no matter where you live.


    March to the Mailbox

    A Postcard site dedicated to the resistance. Mail postcards to your Govt.


    Love Letter America

    Love Letter America was started to remind our representatives (in the House and Senate) the reasons we love America and the values we expect them to uphold.

    Artists are lending their creativity so we can download a postcard that represents what we want our Senators and House members to see.


    Post Protest

    Pre-addressed packed of postcards make it easy to protest, and we wanted to pass along the convenience. We’ve partnered with a friendly printer who has offered to discount production prices so that we can donate all proceeds from these sales to civil and human rights organizations


    Democratic Coalition Against Trump

    DCAT exists to hold the Trump White House accountable, and is directly countering Donald Trump, along with Republican elected officials and candidates who support him, through aggressive digital and traditional advertising, grassroots action, in-depth opposition research, and a nationwide rapid-response team. Download the Boycott Trump app from their site.


    The Michael Moore 10-Point Plan to Stop Trump.

    The momentum is with us right now -- and if we all just take a little time to do the Action Plan below, I'm convinced we'll succeed in halting the dark force that is Trump. We can tie him up in knots at every turn, and eventually, we can bring him down.

    So let's get started with

    "The Michael Moore Easy-to-Follow 10-Point Plan to Stop Trump."​


    InsideGov is a government research site that uses Graphiq’s semantic technology to deliver deep insights via data-driven articles, visualizations and research tools. Research your politicians.




    Nonpartisan, independent and nonprofit, the Center for Responsive Politics is the nation's premier research group tracking money in U.S. politics and its effect on elections and public policy. OUR VISION is for Americans, empowered by access to clear and unbiased information about money’s role in politics and policy, to use that knowledge to strengthen our democracy.


    Broad city Posters

    a shipload of anti-trump posters for you to download and use at your next protest or rally.If you don't find what you want here that is.

    Broad city

  • Design Resources

    Resources for printing and Designing


    Most people only have regular printers that let you print on letter or legal size paper. Here's a site that can help you take our images and split it up to print out and make a poster or sign any size you want.




    Super easy to use online graphics and design resource. Great for making your own posters or turning images into social media ready artwork.



    Wheat Pasting

    You can go the street art route and post these all over to voice your opinion. Depending on where you do this it can be illegal so consider that. Watch out for po-po if you decide to do this.


    Block Posters

    Another site that lets you do the same thing Rasterbate does.Scale up an image as large as you like.



    Staples has printing services if you can't or don't want to print these yourself. They have a range of sizes and can print in color as well as black and white.




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